Sasha Cherniavsky

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The Berlinale premiere of the Sean Penn project about Ukraine titled Superpower is Sasha’s latest and most significant work. In his collaboration with filmmakers from Europe, Asia, and the USA, Sasha is passionately engaged in the production of commercials, music videos, feature films, and documentaries. Before Superpower, Sasha also produced the feature films Eleusis and Max Anger – With One Eye Open…

[cont.] and documentary films Oh, Sister! and Ukraine from Above: Secrets from the Frontline.

Sasha’s journey into the world of production began immediately after graduating from university, where he immersed himself in various projects within production companies and television. He established his own company with a Partner in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2005 and swiftly propelled it into the top tier of the Ukrainian market. From 2009 he pivoted towards international expansion while maintaining strong ties with local clients.


Christina Prylip

The dedication to productivity and creativity that has driven Christina to excel in producing commercials, music videos, and documentaries travels well. In her adopted home country of Georgia, Christina taps into the expertise she honed while working in her homeland of Ukraine on projects for production clients from USA, UK, France, Germany, Israel, and more.
Christina holds a university degree in Advertising Business. Work in the business of art and photography led her to her true passion of video production.

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