Scripted Narrative

PSN connects producers of scripted narrative projects with a one-stop shop of worldwide shoot support that is unique in the genre – at no added cost.

Check out this selection of feature films, shorts and premiere TV series shot with PSN Partners worldwide.

First Love Films, New Form Digital | Cold

O2 Filmes | Blindness

Iron Films | Breaking the Limits

Maze Pictures | The Happy Prince

Lisa Film | Dreamhotel

Tango Production & Studio Wajda-Studio Munka | The Naturals

Shaw Brothers, J.Q. Pictures | Line Walker

Marvel Studios | Thor, The Dark World

Columbia Pictures | After Earth

The Witcher

Summit Entertainment | Fair Game

The Jim Henson Company, New Form Digital | Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures

Bom Film Productions | A Man and a Woman

4 1/2 Film | King of Devil's Island

Spider in the Web

Soul Surfer

Yash Raj Films | Ek tha tiger Trailer

Excel Entertainment | Dil Dhadakne Do

White Elephant

Lionsgate, IEG Virtual Studios, Saturn Films | Bangkok Dangerous

Gail Katz Productions, MICA Entertainment | Pawn Sacrifice

Vishesh Films & T-Series | Raaz Reboot

Making Movies, KickFilm, Allfilm | Fencer

Conspiração Filmes | Kardec

Universal Pictures | The Bourne Legacy

Oculus | Miyubi

Bleeding Steel

United Bros Studios, Walid Sabry | Al Kenz

Katapult Film, Filmpartners, Schmidtz Katze Filmkollektiv | Overnight

Warner Brothers, Paramount, Legendary, Syncopy | Interstellar

Revolution Studios, Lawrence Gordon Productions | Hellboy

Where else can producers tap into a global resource of local knowledge to research not only fiscal incentives but also locations, logistics, climate, casting, technicians, labor laws, work visas, customs, equipment, construction, installations, and all else associated with film production? We are the local Partners for all below-the-line needs.

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PSN sets the stage for shop talk amongst peers – producer to producer. We streamline overseas project development by matching scripts to vetted, local service producers in the most promising places for production. We don’t finance projects. We help determine where already financed scripts can get the best creative results for their available budget. This dialogue paves the way for sure footing as producers move into actual filming in a foreign country. It also inspires confidence in professional management of all paperwork and accounting to satisfy production company standards and secure local incentives.

Each PSN Partner is a full-fledged production service company with local expertise at all aspects of live action film production in its country. PSN Partners keep at the top of their game servicing commercial film productions for global brands. That same skillset primes them to deliver all local needs as the main unit support or 2nd unit for scripted productions.

PSN Partners regularly manage six-figure budgets for local production services of commercial films. Scripted narrative budgets for BTL services in select countries have well surpassed the €1 million mark at times. No matter the project’s scope, PSN Partners remain focused on their craft – to ensure a smooth and successful shoot on location.

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