Maarten van Hemmen

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Maarten van Hemmen worked his way up from Runner to Executive Producer for TVC’s and feature films. From his start in 1993, he spent the next 5 years managing and producing hundreds of commercial films. Being fascinated …

[cont.] by shooting logistics he also worked as a 1st AD on many commercials, feature films and TV dramas from 1998-2008. Maarten was one of the founding fathers and President of the Dutch Association for Assistant Directors.

From 2008-2014 Maarten was co-owner of the Electric Zoo, an award-winning production company of commercials based in South Africa.

Maarten later returned to his home country of the Netherlands to launch his own production company servicing national and international clients. He soon joined PSN to share his passion for film and the creative process – a driving force in all PSN projects shot in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Nicole de Werk

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Duvenvoordestraat 98
2013AH Haarlem
The Netherlands
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