Andrés Mailhos

At the helm of the first company in Uruguay specifically dedicated to A-Class production service sit Andrés Mailhos and Nico Aznárez. Demonstrating the standout advantages and allure of this compact …

[cont.] South American nation for commercial and feature film production has been their calling for more than a decade.

These trailblazers have overcome the challenges of a developing market with tenacity to deliver a fluid workflow and rewarding shooting experience. Through evolving institutional and legal reforms and technological innovations Andrés has emerged as current Board President of the Uruguayan Audiovisual Chamber.

Finding solutions for clients is ingrained in the company culture at PSN Uruguay. The local know-how accumulated over the years is unmatched in Uruguay and makes it an alternative not to be missed in South America.

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Havre 2104
11500 Carrasco
Montevideo, Uruguay