Mo Hebeishy –

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Born and raised in Cairo, trilingual Mo Hebeishy (Arabic, English, and Spanish) splits his time between Riyadh and Dubai.

[cont.] He has been living in the GCC region for the past 18 years and has shot in nearly all its countries.

Mo has worked on numerous TVC productions, as well as one TV series and a feature film.

Well before 2012 when Mo leapt into media production, he endured a six-year spell in the corporate world that compelled him to trade three-piece suits for cargo shorts and a polo. He then took off on a world-trotting journey where he wrote over a hundred articles for international publications including The Guardian. Mo also authored two books and an original graphic novel which is due for release in 2023.

Bruce Macdonald – Producer/Director

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Seasoned producer and director Bruce Macdonald helms development and running of long form projects, …

[cont.]His most recent feature, Samson, was released in 1000 US theatres in 2018 to earn more than 5m USD.  Bruce also directed the break-out feature, The Perfect Wave, which catapulted Scott Eastwood into the limelight as a leading man.

Utilizing his in-depth knowledge of how to convey stories with strong narrative that evoke human interest by entertaining, educating, and inspiring change, Bruce was nominated for a Humanitarian award for excellence in film for his work as a director on a series of Human Rights shorts. Those doc films won Best Director, Best Short film at prestigious festivals (Cannes World Film Festival, CBS Telly awards, Hollywood shorts).

Recent documentaries as producer include Last Known Coordinates (2021); Ocean Driven (2016), which won numerous Best Film Awards and Audience Choice awards; The Parlotones (2018), which premiered at Cannes in 2018; and the iconic music documentary Springbok Nude Girls.

Projects in pre-production include Jet Jungle (a co-production with Revelations Entertainment, owned by Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary). Bruce’s relationship with Revelations Entertainment has generated another project due to film in the Middle East in 2022.

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Shane Martin – CEO/Director

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More than two decade’s experience in the Middle East market have made Shane Martin an award-winning producer and director of high-end productions.

[cont.] His vast repertoire pretty much speaks for itself. Shane’s comprehensive understanding of the regional market is an added asset valued by foreign producers from LA to London to Tokyo who he’s helped with the execution of their projects across the GCC region.