Eirik Vaage

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Eirik Vaage is the founder and Executive Producer of the PSN Partner in Norway. He co-founded his first company 12 years ago and has since built up a solid portfolio as a location scout, manager, line producer, and producer.

[cont.] He’s also a creative soul who has directed several documentaries for the main broadcast company in Norway. The spectacular nature on the west coast of Norway still fascinates him. In 2014, Eirik wrote a book about the Alps of Norway – casting some light on this under-explored and spectacular region. Beside working with his partners under the PSN Norway banner, Eirik is CEO of winter’s largest extreme sport festival in Norway. If you need a stunt scene, Eirik is the person to organize it.

What makes his day? “To build a good project, deliver a solid production, and make everybody smile,” says Eirik. “The film industry on the west coast of Norway is like an extended family, and we make sure our friends will enjoy their stay with us!”

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Keiser Wilhelms gate 22
6003 Ålesund, Norway

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