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Gatorade | Bring The Heat, Nothing Beats Gatorade

Tourism & Events Queensland | It's live

Homebase | Brand Campaign

Mitsubishi | Triton

Netflix | We're the Champions, Chili Eating

Nature's Own | Force of Nature

Apple Music | Amy Shark, Up Next, trailer

Tabletop | Australia

Suncorp Bank | Gilly

Olive Grove | The Gatherer

Tropical North Queensland | Nikki

Miki House | 9th Symphony

UQ | Brand Campaign

Kinder | Made For Kids

361 | Sun Yang

AMP | It's Live

Garnier Fructis | Grow Strong

IBM | Watson

Mitsubishi Outlander | Heavy Rain

Kina Bank | Tabu

SP Breweries | SP Export, Brand

Queensland Government | Cyber Bullying

Ryobi | The Bee’s Journey

Wrecked | Promo

L’Oréal | La Roché-Possay, sunscreen protection

Apple Music | Amy Shark, Up Next

With a wide range of spectacular locations, we have the perfect backdrop to bring your shoot to life, no matter what the production requirement

Australia is known for its diversity. From beautiful beaches to pristine mountain ranges, alpine heaths to tropical rainforests; we also boast large, ultra-modern cities and the world’s largest coral reef. Included in this diversity is a very multi-cultural society with access to every ethnicity imaginable, with fantastic actors at all levels and ages.

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Australia is also renowned for its professional, yet friendly and transparent approach to film production with some of the very best crews, equipment, and everything you need to bring your film production to life. Another plus is Australia’s industry obsession with technology, which means we’re experienced in specialty equipment such as: high-speed motion control robots, Super-TechnoCranes, camera cars, The Ultimate Arm, Flight Head, Libra Head, heavy lift drones, as well as the latest in VR technology.

With an annual average of 286 sunny days a year, you can take ultimate advantage of 10-hour shoot days in Queensland or 8-hour shoot days in New South Wales and Victoria.

And with offices in both Sydney and Brisbane, and producers based in Melbourne, we provide unique production solutions right across Australia.

The Australian Dollar is currently favorable against most major currencies, meaning filming here is a very cost-effective solution, no matter what your shoot requirements.

Our team is consistently recognized for outstanding creative and high-quality production work all over Australia and further afield. South Pacific locations like Fiji are a second home where we work and play hard.

We can also supply a great selection of local directors if required for your production. No matter what the brief, we manage projects of any size or form - whether it’s a TV commercial, branded content video, virtual reality, tabletop, or specialist high-speed motion content.

Over the last 15 years we have successfully serviced international productions from around the globe. We have an awesome reputation Down Under, which has resulted in an abundance of repeat business and earned the trust of leading advertising agencies, global clients, top-tier directors, and producers. If given the chance to facilitate your shoot, we look forward to working together with you to create the best production imaginable.

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