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Lexus | Time

Deutsche Bahn | Die Zukunft der Mobilitaet, the future of mobility

European Union | The Shape

Nestlé | Shred Life

Polyphon Pictures | Lissabon Krimi, Zum Schweigen verurteilt

Lycra | Move To Your Own Rhythm

Polyphon Pictures | Lissabon Krimi, Der Feuerteufel

BMW | Go and Get Lost

VH1 | Basketball Wives

Coca-Cola | Choose

The Third Charme

Lamborghini | Huracan

Porsche | Gone Driving with Sorelle Amore

Ikea | Every Second

Erste Bank & Sparkasse | Daydreaming

Canon | Perfect Moments

Hewlett Packard | Re-Inventing / Turnaround

DJI | Riders, a short film shot with the Zenmuse X7

Volkswagen MOIA | To the We

Suzuki | New Suzuki Vitara model

Lee Scarlett | Jeans

Aston Martin

Mercedes Benz | Viano


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Nestled in the sunny southwest of Europe, Portugal first embraced the world during the Age of Exploration. More than five centuries later, our multilingual team works with producers in English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian to make them feel at home. We offer a full range of film, TV, and photo production services and support for international projects shooting locales across Portugal.

Current Time and Date in Lisbon: Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 4:50 am

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We have earned a place among the top film service companies in Portugal over the past two decades. We pride ourselves on helping our clients make world-class commercial projects. Our friendly and professional producers, technicians, and crew deliver a production experience that keeps our clients coming back.

Portugal's diversity offers a broad range of shooting locations for any project requirement. With architecture ranging from ancient to modern, Portugal is a great stand-in for just about any country. You can also find lush green forests, rocky coastlines, mountains, and sandy beaches just a short drive from the capital city of Lisbon. Portugal really has it all. We even offer full ''Snow FX'' services so that we can create "all season" shoots to meet your production needs.

Portugal has become a popular shooting destination for international car shoots. The great variety of landscapes and architectural highlights lining the roadways are is seductive. Practically speaking, Lisbon is very central, easy for shipping cars into and getting customs clearance.

To the south in the Alentejo and Algarve there are deserted, picturesque landscapes and remote villages with an average of 300 days of sunshine per year.

To the north of Portugal hillside vineyards line stunning river valleys and nature reserves. Castles and medieval villages recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites dot the verdant countryside.

Over the years we have worked with commercial production houses such as Academy Films, Agile Films, Arts & Sciences, Skin and Bones, Holiday Films, Partner Films, Hamlet, Caviar, Peoplegrapher, Soup Films, Markenfilm, Embassy of Dreams, Tony Peterson Film, Park Productions, Bazelevs, Halal, Radical Media, Stink Films, Animals and many more. We have also facilitated still photo campaigns for fashion, sports cars, family vehicles, and trucks.

Our work in long format covers a broad range that includes European shorts, TV series, Korean soap operas, and US reality programs.

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