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Mugler | Alien

Filmmakers and photographers have long felt right at home in Spain, and we make sure that you will too

With all the essential production tools available in Spain, and an agreeable climate, there is still much more that attracts creatives to work with us here under the sunniest skies of Europe. Cultural icons of the classic nature share the spotlight with sport stars. Modern architecture stands tall in cosmopolitan cityscapes populated by a cast of characters demonstrating the diversity of Spain’s millenary history. The spirit of fiesta fun takes on new forms in the creative's eye in cities where the turn of a corner can reveal locations with a cool groove next to those that pack a punch.

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There is creative inspiration in these lands from the Costa Brava Salvador Dalí called home, down the Mediterranean coast graced by Santiago Calatrava's City of Arts and Sciences to the Almeria badlands of Spaghetti Westerns across to Malaga, birthplace of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas. To the west across endless prairies, a turn north leads to evergreen mountains towering over the Atlantic Ocean. At sea, the Balearic and Canary Islands enhance the colorful palette.

It is in this sunniest corner of Europe where we have a whole world of locations within a 90-minute drive of the capital city, Madrid. The seaside port of Barcelona is a favored film hub with its own unique spectrum of visual delight. No surprise Spain locations – from dramatic mountain ranges to fertile plains to striking deserts – are the chosen backdrop for works spanning generations from the likes of filmmakers like Orson Welles and Sergio Leone to George Lucas and Ridley Scott, as well as photographers from Robert Capa and Eve Arnold to Peter Lindbergh and Annie Leibovitz.

A number of talented pros have called on our team to deliver all that Spain has to offer. Filmmakers like Nisha Ganatra, Maison Vignaux, Stewart Maclennan, Suzie and Leo, and Jared Knecht.

Our below-the-line services have facilitated first-rate film, photo and social marketing campaigns produced by Lucas Films for Star Wars - Han Solo, Disney for The Eternals with Angelina Jolie, Universal Pictures for Bourne with Matt Damon, Warner for In The Heart of the Sea, Warner for Wrath of the Titans, HBO for Game of Thrones, Paramount for Allied with Brad Pitt. Commercial campaigns for Mugler, H&M, Swarovski, Mercedes Benz, VW, Adidas and P&G.

Frequent work at this level fosters the continual availability of highly experienced, English-speaking crew in major cities like Barcelona and Madrid. We also service our clients’ productions with mostly local crew in other cities like Bilbao, Valencia, Malaga, as well as Palma on Mallorca and all of the Canary Islands.

The standard commercial shoot day is 12 hours, and crews are non-union, though overtime and other practices common throughout Western Europe are the norm.

Talent casting in Spain offers an optimal balance of ethnic diversity at competitive rates in Western Europe. It is a frequent alternative for US projects aiming to save on SAG rates at home.

Major Spanish cities regularly play host to multiple productions at any one time. While specialized rigs for bullet time and motion control are supplied from neighboring European countries, Spain suppliers do offer a wide range of rigs suitable for traditional and VR filmmaking. Camera cars of all sizes, including Russian Arm, are also available locally on the mainland. Art and film set construction departments are very good, as are studio and post-production facilities.

After countless film, photo, and video productions with our local crews across Spain during more than two decades, our team's enthusiasm for the potential of this land is as strong as my commitment to no-nonsense production development. Our fully-staffed offices in Barcelona and Tenerife maintain a boutique approach to the BTL details backed by the volume of a leading production house producing campaigns at home and abroad for top-tier brands.

That makes us the ideal local production partner to provide quality, cost-effective results you can see in frame.

Our experience at securing the local tax rebate for a Hollywood studio feature films including Solo – A Star Wars Story, Fast and Furious 6, Allied, Jason Bourne, In The Heart Of The Sea, and TV series like Doctor Who and The Witcher, underscores an advantage of producing feature films and TV series with us in Spain.

Shooting an independent film on a budget that won’t qualify for incentives? Or perhaps a commercial? Let’s talk numbers. We’re a straight-talking shop prepared for constructive dialogue that can deliver the best shoot for your budget.

We feel privileged to have earned the trust of clients from around the globe to produce and service projects featuring top-notch professionals such as Renee Stewart, Lewis Hamilton, Angelique Kerber and Riley Harper.

Send us an email, and let’s chat about your next shoot!

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