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A refreshing newness awaits producers blazing trails to Sri Lanka

The island nation has peacefully emerged from a period of internal conflict to catch the eye of creatives intent on making a unique film and a lasting impression.

The talented team of industry professionals operating the PSN Sri Lanka shop is driven to position its country on the production world stage. Ever challenging ourselves, we go the extra mile to make a difference.

Current Time and Date in Colombo: Thursday, 22nd February 2018, 6:13 pm

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And you don’t have to go far on this tropical gem to find more than photogenic coastline. While the climate keeps snowfall away, the mountainous central region is where you’ll find an abundance of tea estates, rain forests, waterfalls, caves, and misty morning valleys.

Visas can be attained on arrival with minimal fuss or through use of an online system. Sri Lanka Customs recognizes the ATA CARNET system as well – one less hassle for many foreign producers.

While Sri Lanka locations remain largely unknown, our team at PSN Sri Lanka has already earned its stripes on commercial film shoots for production companies like Rattling Stick, Independent, Bears Calling, TFC, Equinox Films, Bang Bang Films, RDP and Pandora Films.

Due to our proximity to the Indian sub-continent, Sri Lanka frequently doubles for India. Feature films to take advantage of this included Water, Midnight’s Children, Bombay Velvet while others like Odyssey of Heroes and Dream Hotel are set here in our midst.

The island is well equipped with professional gear. What can’t be provided locally is less than an hour’s flight away in India. The need for producers to bring in kit with them is minimized as a result.

Our passion for facilitating production motivates us to work with producers toward the most cost-efficient solutions for their creative.

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