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Ranked among the world’s top ten international tourist destinations, Thailand is not only recommended for your getaway, but being so rich in natural and cultural resources, it is one of the best places to shoot a film

Friendly and fun-loving, exotic and tropical, cultured and historic, Thailand radiates a golden hue. The attractions of Thailand are numerous – ruined cities, ancient monasteries, Buddhist monks, colourful hill tribes, floating markets, rave parties, dense rainforests, exotic wildlife, tropical islands, 7-star resorts, and pristine coral reefs. Then there’s Bangkok, the most exuberant capital city in Southeast Asia, which would justify a trip to Thailand all by itself.

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Just ask some of the commercial directors we’ve worked with, like Rupert Sanders, Derin Seale, Garth Davis, Martin Krejci, Todd Phillips, and Steve Ayson; or DOPs Robert Elswit, Janusz Kaminski, and Greig Fraser, to name a few.

Thailand, which literally means Land of the Free, is commonly referred to as the Land of Smiles. The country, which is in the very heart of South East Asia, is seen as the gateway to Indochina, Myanmar, and Southern China. It’s also a leading partner in the region’s trade and politics, often providing a vital link between neighboring South-East Asian nations.

From skyscrapers to slums, ritzy malls to sprawling markets, ancient river boats to modern sky trains, and sparkling temples to winding river canals, Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, has so many different looks. Like in a Gibson novel, it is a futuristic urban sprawl. As far as filming goes, it's an incredible city full of contrasts--modern and traditional, opulent and poor, Asian and western.

To the West of Bangkok is Kanchanaburi, a great province for nature, year-round jungle, waterfalls, and rivers. Many of the famous Hollywood Vietnam films were shot here.

Moving up, while there are no peaks tall enough to find snow, the mountainous northern region has many varying locations including airy jungle, waterfalls, caves, and misty morning valleys. The drive from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son on the Burmese border has over 3000 switch backs as it winds up and down the slopes; home to hundreds of colourful hill tribe villages.

Down to the south of Thailand lie the golden beaches and tropical forest. The Andaman Ocean on the western side of the isthmus boasts the most spectacular landscapes with limestone cliffs rising out of the ocean. We have shot countless times in Krabi, Phang-Nga, and Phuket, and there is a huge variety of different tropical locations, including in-land caves (and lakes in caves), jungle so dense you cannot imagine penetrating it, flowers that grow way up above the jungle, and tiny island outcroppings to sea gypsy villages. On the other hand, the Gulf of Thailand on the eastern side of the isthmus is home to Koh Samui, with its plush resorts and beaches.

A selection of the commercial films we’ve serviced speaks for itself. No wonder we’re fortunate to include amongst our clients a privileged list of production companies like MJZ, Exit Films, Stink Films, Biscuit Filmworks, m.Production, RESET, Filmmaster, Independent Films, Velvet Mediendesign, The Family, and more.

Because there are so many different types of amazing locations throughout Thailand, it takes time and experience to be able to quickly recommend the appropriate places to scout for any given production. It’s also vital not to show clients locations that aren’t feasible, accessible, or where permissions are next to impossible. That simply wastes time, and, in most cases, there is an incredible alternative available.

We have a database of over 200,000 key-worded location photos, and we add more after every project. Our location department has a good relationship with the authorities in all provinces around the country – most importantly in Bangkok; and, when possible, we believe in working low-profile to keep costs down.

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