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Billionaire | Vasiliy Lomachenko, Never Give Up

Liberal legislation, low prices, and a variety of locations all amount to a hearty welcome for foreign filmmakers

Film-friendly Ukraine has so much going for it that not even the troubled times of late could stop the cameras from rolling.

The devaluation of Ukrainian currency occurred 3 times in 2014-2015, making an already inexpensive country hard to beat at low-cost film production in Europe. The flexibility of non-union crews and relaxed permit arrangements are also a draw.

Current Time and Date in Kiev: Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 6:50 am

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We have professional, English-speaking film crews plus a broad casting database offering a variety of nationalities and cheap extras. We also produce with top set designers and art directors able to transform locations and build massive new sets in a short amount of time with minimal funds.

Easy access to the most difficult locations, such as airports, subway stations, military bases, stadiums, and more is another reason to look our way. Permits to shoot at locations that are prohibitive elsewhere can be arranged in Ukraine at surprisingly low costs.

We have the newest equipment available at the highest specifications. Besides a modern range of cameras and lenses, our Ukrainian rental houses can provide specific units of 3 axis cranes, gyro-stabilized remote systems, Flight Head, Russian Arm, vehicle mounts, motion control and motion capture systems.

In September 2005, Ukraine introduced visa-free entry for citizens of the USA, European Union, Switzerland, and Japan. This simplified entries, decreased travelers’ expenses, and makes last-minute planning possible. Once in Ukraine, our local hospitality is sure to give clients and agency guests an enjoyable stay during the shoot.

Ukraine is a very diverse country where you can shoot everything from sandy beaches to Carpathian Mountains. Landscapes differ from small hills with foliose and coniferous forests to the crags and snow-covered hills. Across a land mass larger than France you will find hundreds of castles, palaces, and wooden churches. There are also distinct town halls, mosques, and cave monasteries. The architecture is a display of historical influences in Ukraine that date back from medieval times up through to European, Soviet, and post-Soviet periods.

And if that’s not enough, let us take you further to Georgia and Kazakhstan, where we’ve produced a number of projects for the local and international market.

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