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Toyota Corolla | This is My Excitement

Our friendly and transparent approach has garnered repeat business and earned the trust of a great number of agencies, production companies, producers, directors, and clients

As bi-coastal people, we service the entirety of the USA out of our offices in New York and Los Angeles. With access to the two largest markets for crew and talent, this positioning allows us to be the most nimble for our clients.

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There is no place in the world like Hollywood. Besides being the undisputed capital of filmmaking, Los Angeles boasts some of the most diverse people and places of any urban center in the entire world. The first studio was opened in the city in 1911 as the film industry slowly made its way from New York to Southern California. Since then, filmmakers from around the world have come to LA to experience its top-notch crews, spectacular geography, and international culture and employ its cutting-edge equipment. As a native Angeleno and a New York transplant, we’re able to see this city and the region from two very different perspectives. Visiting every corner of the state from an early age, Christine is a California girl through and through with a zest for life and passion for showing off her hometown to those coming from far away. After moving to Los Angeles from New York in 1999 to further his career in the entertainment industry, Eric still finds joy in the novelty of seeing snow-capped mountains while riding his bike at the beach… in shorts… in February…

There can’t be too much said about New York City that hasn’t already been said. Filmmakers such as Spike Lee, Woody Allen, and Martin Scorcese have spurned the sun and the surf of California for the equally glamorous and gritty streets of the city that never sleeps. From his start as a PA on Mr. Allen’s Sweet and Lowdown, Eric has always enjoyed the challenges of producing in one of the busiest places on the planet. The Big Apple’s energy and culture continually inspire him. In contrast, the nature in the surrounding areas such as the Catskill Mountains, the dune-laden beaches of Long Island, and the arts communities of Upstate provide an amazing juxtaposition to the thumping of the City. From our base in New York, we have provided support to filmmakers in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, and several places in between.

With cold winters, hot summers, and temperate climates in spring and fall, the East Coast is hospitable to shoots any time of year, but caution should be used in the winter if trying for an exterior shoot, with the notable exception of Florida where it is sunny and warm year round.

With over three hundred days of sunshine each year, there is very little stress in scheduling an exterior shoot to take advantage of the diverse landscapes available within an hour of downtown Los Angeles. Whether your script calls for a beach, a winding road, a plush suburb, a gritty city street, a modern skyline, a contemporary house, or even a ski slope, California has you covered. Cities such as LA and San Francisco can serve as gateways for forays into the high Sierra mountains, Lake Tahoe, the Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree National Park, and the giant Sequoias. Beaches line the entire state from San Diego to Big Sur and up to the rocky beaches of Humboldt County. California boasts the 5th largest economy in the world and is geographically larger than many European countries so chances are we have the locations that you’re looking for.

In addition to California, we have serviced shoots in other cities such as Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle, Houston, Austin, Dallas, and Santa Fe to name a few. In each city we aim to employ as many people and as much equipment from the local market as possible so that we don’t spend money on travelling crew and gear unnecessarily, and more of your budget ends up on screen. That being said, there are some amazing remote areas in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Oregon, and Idaho that can serve as the ideal backdrop for a car commercial or something demanding untouched nature and geographic diversity.

Within New York City, besides the population diversity, there is a notable change in architecture upon entering each distinct neighborhood. Brooklyn’s brownstones give way to suburban-style streets that are a short move from elevated trains or commercial areas so that a variety of looks can be achieved in one shooting day. The bridges and wide boulevards can serve mightily as a backdrop for a car commercial while the rooftop terraces and TriBeCa lofts can elevate a party or gathering to exquisite levels with the amazing backdrops available. In the borough of Queens, there are over 130 languages spoken by the population, clear evidence that the City attracts people from all over the world. The pool of casting is reflective of this as well as a great place to find fashion models, celebrities, dancers, theater actors, and more ‘real’ people than you might find in Los Angeles. People from all over the world come to Los Angeles to make their dreams of becoming movie stars a reality creating the richest, most ethnically and linguistically diverse talent pool in the world. You can challenge our casting directors with your briefings, but chances are they’ve seen it before. On the same token, there is a deep crew base with reliable access to specialty equipment such as camera cars, TechnoCranes, motion control, and all the rest of the toys filmmakers look for when shooting in the States.

Over the last decade of serving clients from around the globe, we’ve come to find that our friendly and transparent approach has garnered repeat business and earned the trust of a great number of clients, agencies, and production companies like Caviar Amsterdam, Pulse Films London, Markenfilm, Films de Liberte, Tesauro, Agosto, and AOI, to name a few. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to support the US filming of some memorable projects with directors such as Nacho Gayan, Bram Coppens, Rebeca Díaz, Kaoru Haga, Alexis Durant-Brault, Erik Morales, Makoto Hirano, Billy Pols, Eiji Tanagawa, and so many more.

If given the opportunity to provide services for you shoot, we hope to do the same and look forward to seeing the next script that will come our way.

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