Stefano Juban

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With over 4 decades of experience in the film industry, Lope “Jun” Juban Jr., and sons, Nikolo, Lope III and Stefano have spearheaded international filmmaking and production in the Philippines.

[cont.] The Philippine-based family built their own production company locally; and proved themselves through their work over the years to be the Philippines’ number 1 go-to within the industry in the country. Together, they have worked hand in hand with production teams from all over Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. Their work covers everything from international action films such as The Bourne Legacy and international reality television series, Survivor.

Committed to only delivering the best and maintaining being the best in the industry, the family make no compromise in delivering excellence to each client. Their wide network of connections in the region means they source the best production equipment, locations, and staff; while keeping the production cost-effective. Their team of committed, passionate professionals ensure your projects run smoothly; and their pre-production planning along with their professional work ethic and work flow means your projects run smoothly. Their projects start on time, and finish on time with no stone left unturned, regardless of demands and schedule constraints. That leaves you worry-free.

Lope “Jun" Juban Jr.

Nikolo Juban

Lope Juban III

405 Richville Corporate Center,
1314 Commerce Avenue Madrigal Business Park,
Muntinlupa City,
1780 Philippines
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