Yes, we know very well that filming in Hawaii is everyone’s dream, because our islands are the most famous tropical paradise in the world

Popularized by such television shows as Hawaii Five-O, Magnum P.I., and countless feature films, the Hawaiian islands offer spectacular natural scenery that is truly unique and unmatched anywhere else.

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Besides our stunning mountains and oceans, Hawaii has also substituted for other diverse locations on screen. As shown in the blockbuster television series LOST, scenes depicting London, Seoul, Africa and New York in the winter were all filmed in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. The other islands, such as Maui, Hawaii Island and Kauai, offer wonderful locations as well. Kauai boasts the sheer Na Pali cliffs while Waimea Canyon brings to mind a tropical Grand Canyon. Maui’s varied locations have been a favorite for filmmakers like Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler, while Hawaii Island (or “Big island”) is home to an active volcano, the expansive Parker Ranch and snow-capped observatories. Yes, it’s possible to surf and ski on the same day.

Filming in Hawaii is our specialty. We have enjoyed filming long format projects with leading US studios as much as our work on commercial projects with top-tier agencies and production houses from the US, Europe and East Asia. Our experience spans feature films, episodic television, TV movies, commercials, music videos, branded pieces, and video game trailers. We are the largest production and financing company in Hawaii.

We combined our talents to help director Neill Blomkamp film a trailer for the EA game, Anthem, which involved our drones flying at high speed along the steep cliffs of Kualoa Ranch. We transformed an area on the Big Island of Hawaii into mysterious and uncharted terrain for BMW, filming on a road that has since been covered over with molten lava following a real volcanic eruption. And we created a tropical apocalypse for a dark music video by music artist Halsey.

How do we provide excellent services while keeping projects affordable for our clients? We are a full-service production services company, with talented and dedicated staff for whom filmmaking is a true passion. We are partnered with the largest camera, grip and lighting house in Hawaii as well as the leading company providing the latest technology in drones, pursuit vehicle cranes, and gimbals. We provide stage facilities, production offices and post-production services. All our partners are located in the same studio, which allows us to quickly coordinate all your production needs at a moment’s notice. We work as a team to make things right for you.

There are other reasons why filming in Hawaii makes perfect sense. We are the 50th and one of the safest states in America, with a strong and stable infrastructure and all the comforts you would expect from a first-world country. We all speak English, the currency is the US Dollar, and we’re just 2 hours behind the west coast. It takes just over 5 hours from here to LA, and the direct flight from New York on Hawaiian Airlines is basically over after 3 movies and a meal. The flight time is similar for our clients from China, South Korea and Japan. Upon arrival, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a different world when you set foot on the `aina.

So... e komo mai. We look forward to welcoming you and making your filming experience in Hawaii positive, smooth, and cost-effective, so that you will leave with a smile and a promise to return in the near future.

PSN USA Hawaii delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like Radical Media, Anonymous Content, Partizan, EA Sports, Raucous Content, Curfew Films, WW7, CANADA, RGA, One Green Bean, Borderland, Society, Brightworks, Biscuit Filmworks, Chelsea Pictures...
  • Studios/Streamers like HBO, Netflix, CBS, TNT, USA, Discovery...
  • Directors like Neill Blomkamp, Dave Meyers, MANSON, Madeline Kelly...
  • DOPs like Don King, Ula Pontikos, Justin Gurnari...

Hawaii is also home to

  • Directors like Bradley Tangonan, Joseph Carella, Gerard Elmore...
  • DOPs like Don King, Paul Atkins, Shawn Hiatt, Monika Lenczewska...

Krista Carella

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With over a decade of commercial production experience in Los Angeles, Krista brought her love for production to Hawaii where she has worked as head of production and …

[cont.] in-house producer since 2015.

Having worked in 7 countries and 16 states, Krista has a wide range of experience in commercials, indie features, music videos, reality tv and more.  From casting through delivery, Krista is your ticket to production in paradise!

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