Argentina has been a key player in the production services industry for TV, feature films, and commercials during decades

Its capital, Buenos Aires, one of the most emblematic cities of Latin America, also called “Little Europe”, was built mostly by the hands of immigrants and owes most of its architectural, artistic, and gastronomical heritage to those people who arrived on its shores. Standing testimony to its rich cultural legacy are the many museums, galleries, cinemas, and theaters.

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But Buenos Aires is more than European heritage. Its downtown streets and modern buildings have served as locations for Many metropolitan cities. Creatives at top production houses in Europe and America have chosen Buenos Aires as a destination to shoot various cities of the world.

Argentina encompasses a vast and expansive area. A country ever so privileged to feature a wide range of varied and contrasting regions, Argentina has many eye-filling attractions that draw people from all over the world. Among its most famous locations are the Iguazu Falls, The Glacier Perito Moreno, Ushuaia City (with snow season open until September/October), Bariloche and its Seven Lakes, The Grand Salts (located in Salta and Jujuy), and the precious Patagonia. We are also among the best places to ski in South America, providing our country with many options for winter commercials until the beginning / middle of our spring.

Argentina, as a country of big dimensions and home to all 4 seasons, has the advantage of offering jungles, salt mines, waterfalls, multi-colored mountains, vast valleys, savannah, farm lands, beaches, forest, ski resorts, towns, glaciers, snow capped mountains, as well as vineyards, crop fields, and all types of rivers and lakes.

Directors at the top of their game have chosen our country, not only for its natural beauty, but because it also provides them with the confidence of a “high- standards shoot”. 

Directors such as Bruno Aveillan, Peter Berg, Carole Denis, Romain Chassaing, Keith McCarthy, Stephen Mead, and Paul Mignot have chosen our country, not only for its natural beauty, but because it also provides them with the confidence of a “high- standards shoot”. The team’s quality and quantity are one of our best features. Our local crews, as well as actors, have worked with the international market for the past 20 years, learning, developing, and creating a network of A-list candidates in all the areas of the production. The crew’s high level of spoken English is also a key point of distinction for DOPs and directors that want to make sure nothing is missed in translation.

Needless to say, the industry has all the latest toys and gadgets that filmmakers and advertisers around the world demand. We are always at the cutting edge of technology with some of the best rental houses of Latin America at our doors.

Our production costs have become more competitive (as the peso continues to drop), which make all the above even more interesting.

Our production services in Argentina are enhanced by a fully-staffed office in Chile. This permits us to compare options in both countries and provide the best location for each individual client brief. We also support shoots further afield in neighboring countries like Bolivia.

Send us an email, and let us show you why Argentina is one of the top production destinations in the world.

PSN Argentina delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like Quad Productions, Moxie, Believe Media, Solab, Sibling Rivalry, Bunker, Psyop, Tobago, Henry, Moonwalk...
  • Studios/Streamers like Bona Film Group China, TXL Films, Plural Entertainment Portugal...
  • Directors like Peter Berg, Bruno Aveillan, Carole Denis, Reynald Gresset, Romain Chassaing, Keith McCarthy, Stephen Mead, Martin de Thurah...
  • DOPs like Marcelo Durst, Justin Brown, Galo Olivares, Mathias Boucard, Patrick Dourux...

Argentina is also home to

  • DOPs like Matias Mesa, Carlos Ritter, Mariano Monti, Federico Cantini...

Mauro Groisman

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Mauro heads the PSN Argentina team. He has executive produced projects ranging from commercials, photoshoots and music videos to feature films and TV series for renowned creative talent like …

[cont.] Peter Berg, Alma Har’el, Jake Scott, Martin de Thurah, Bruno Aveillan, Reynald Gresset and Malik Hassan Sayeed, among others, in Argentina and also in other South and Central American countries like Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador.

Mauro started his career late 90’s working for Argentina’s best feature film companies. With the boom of production services in Argentina, he worked as a line producer for the top companies in Buenos Aires as well as international production houses like Smuggler, RSA, Radical Media, Stink, Independent and more.

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