Iris Weber

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Iris started out as a professional photographer before moving into the world of cinematography, where she has thrived for many years.
She was pulled, kicking and screaming, into the evil land of production because of her uncanny ability to get the job done.

[cont.] Her Austrian DNA gives her ruthless efficiency and professionalism partnered with the adaptability, friendliness, and easy-going nature of a kiwi.

She currently serves on the Executive Committee of the NZAPG (Advertising Producers’ Group) and is a board member of Film Otago Southland.

The founder of PSN New Zealand, Iris is a solution-driven, accomplished pro who has been in the game for a long time working with many of the world’s best directors and production companies. And it’s second nature for her to juggle her work with horse riding and the outdoors.

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New Zealand
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