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MRF Tyres launches an Alpine love affair in Europe with the ZLO campaign airing during the Formula 1 season. And, as always, finding the right partners makes all the difference.

'Shooting in Europe for the first time, we were apprehensive of the variables involved in a shoot outdoors in the mountains, given it was already winter,' says BWP Totem Producer Raja Menon. 'We got in touch with a bunch of production service companies and finally settled on PSN, mainly because their honest, no nonsense feedback made us feel most comfortable. When the budget was too tight for Spain, PSN came up with solutions to work within our budget.'

Those solutions are what the Production Service Network (PSN) is all about.

Director John Francis envisioned a dramatic roadway shoot featuring a Jaguar with MRF ZLO tyres managing hairpin turns. From its cost-effective and strategic position in Eastern Europe, the PSN partner company scouted various locations in the Austrian Alps so as to allow for unpredictable autumn weather. A series of locations were finally chosen during a stormy tech recce based on the most promising weather forecasts.

While the crew geared up for a two-day shoot on Red cameras using a full camera car grip package and aerial photography from aboard an octocopter, production managed a few more hairpin turns in planning. The Jaguar car sporting MRF ZLO tyres was locked in as the client’s choice with just enough time to wrap it in red, tint the windows, and fit non-regulation rims shipped from Germany especially for the product.

'It was a tough shoot with a lot of last minute details, dicey weather, visa issues, etc, but the ability to react quickly, an understanding of our requirement, and great communication with the teams on the ground meant we pulled it all together to get as perfect a shoot as was possible,' adds the BWP Totem Producer.

Though trans-Alpine storms ultimately forced a re-think of some shots, the inconvenience also delivered snowy peaks, alluring cloud-cover, and a splash shot that are authentic eye-candy.

The final results are a credit to the crack creative team working with top-drawer production support at such a privileged location.

Raja concludes he’ll 'look forward to many more associations in the near future.'

Client: MRF Tyres - Title: ZLO - Director: John Francis - DoP: Stefano Morcaldo (Austria), Bijitesh De (India) - Agency: Lowe Lintas India - Production Company: BWP Totem Productions - Producer: Janani Ravichandran, Raja Menon - Production Service: PSN Spain & Austria - Location: The Alps of Austria

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