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Babybio | L'aventure du goût commence ici

This was a beautiful and complex shoot. Baby and puppeteers travel to the far south of the country to reach the trout farms and shoot on the water. Despite a very challenging budget, it ended up working as a well-oiled engine. We shot this in 4 days in Santiago and in the South, near the Lake Puyehue.

The main talent is a real stuffed bunny that travels the world in order to check the origin and quality of the products used to feed the children.

We had a team of French puppeteers working hand in hand with the directors to give life to this bunny.

Client: Babybio - Campaign: L'aventure du goût commence ici - Director: Emma De Swaef - Marc Roels = Emma & Marc - DoP: Jerome Nouvelle - Agency: Rosapark - Production Company: Birth - Producer: Hugo Legrand - Production Service: Jacaranda Films - Location: Santiago, Curicó, Puerto Montt, Chile

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