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Budapest is a top choice for those who want to spend time in a creatively flourishing city where a smooth, safe and easygoing production brings creative ideas to life

At the heart of Europe is Budapest, where a blend of cultures has pulsed through the city for 500 years. This colorful history has left its mark on Hungary and its capital city. A great variety of location styles in Budapest act as a magnet for creatives who are working in the film and photo industry.

Current Time and Date in Budapest: Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 12:10 pm

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Film production in Hungary has a rich, century-old history. At the beginning of the 1940’s, the Hungarian film industry was ranked third largest in Europe. This deep-rooted tradition is as alive and well in every segment of the industry as it is among civic leaders. The 30% tax incentive for feature films, TV and documentaries, and the extremely fast 4-day public location permitting process demonstrate the film-friendly approach to film and photo shoots across the wide range of locations in Budapest.

Over the past two decades numerous Hollywood productions have chosen to shoot in Hungary. This activity has boosted the resources available in every part of the film industry. For example, Budapest has 29 first-class soundstages with one of the biggest in the region. It’s also home to a pack of film-friendly wolves. The crews speak English and all of them are well experienced in a wide range of international productions with an average of 220 working days per year.

The results provide for an easy and convenient workflow from prep to wrap, but there’s no overlooking the biggest local draw are the locations in Budapest: the colorful variety of different architectural styles from gothic to contemporary, baroque palaces, marble ballrooms, Formula 1 racetracks or even abandoned, offbeat places making Hungary an inspiring environment for creatives. What’s more, it's a productive place where the friendly approach can secure a shoot in a 150-year-old train station, an old Royal Palace or in the marvelous National Opera House, to name a few of the many treasures that await.

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