EQUALITY (= OR >50%)Yes or No
A minority-owned business?No
A women-owned business?No
GRIPLocally AvailableRegionally Available
U-crane or equivalentYesYes
Motion ControlNoYes
Bullet TimeNoYes
CAMERA/FILMLocally AvailableRegionally Available
16mm stockNoYes
Super 16mm stockNoYes
35mm stockNoYes
Super 35mm stockNoYes
Processing lab NoYes
Anamorphic LensesYesYes
STUDIOLocally AvailableRegionally Available
Indoor sound proofNoYes
Water tankNoYes
Outdoor back lotYesYes
LED Wall VolumeNoYes
SPECIALISTSLocally AvailableRegionally Available
VFX SupervisorNoYes
Precision DriverNoYes
Animal WranglerYesYes
Food StylistYesYes
Still PhotographerYesYes
NON SPEAKING CASTLocally AvailableRegionally Available
East AsianYesYes
Indian subcontinentYesYes
Sub-Saharan (Black) AfricanYesYes
Indigenous local to country (where existing)YesYes
NATIVE ENGLISH-SPEAKING CASTLocally AvailableRegionally Available
East AsianNoYes
Indian subcontinentNoYes
Sub-Saharan (Black) AfricanNoYes
Indigenous local to country (where existing)NoYes
Permit shoot in public space (park, square)7
Permit shoot in road (stop & go traffic)7
Permit shoot in road (blocked traffic)10
Permit drone inside city limits45
Permit drone outside city limits30
Import vehicle through customs10
Minor work permit1
HOURS ***Hours
Infant - max. permitted to film per day (time on set may vary)6
Minors - max. permitted to film per day (time on set may vary)10
Crew work before overtime12
Crew turnaround (rest between work days)12
STANDARD OVERTIME RATES (% of hourly rate, i.e. 200% is double the hourly rate)***%Hours
Crew overtime rate 115%2
Crew overtime rate 220%2
Crew overtime rate 325%2
Crew overtime rate 4100%4
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*** Hours/rates apply to commercial projects. Long format parameters may vary. Consult our Partner.