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Mathieu has managed hundreds of productions including commercials, documentaries, music videos, TV series and full-length films. He has been at the head of numerous productions in Canada and in more …

[cont.] than 25 countries around the world. His latest documentary has been one of the most ambitious media projects to be produced in outer space.  In 2014, with his 3 partners, he founded the production house invited to join PSN and offer complete production services to foreign crews filming in Canada. Mathieu is known for his calm attitude in front of the unexpected as well as his great determination.

Ménaïc Raoul

Following studies in project management and documentary production, producer Ménaïc Raoul launched her career in fiction as a commercial production manager. She also co-founded Voyelles Films in 2009 in order to produce …

[cont.] young Quebec-based talent and give them the opportunity to express their own singular, original, and different brand of cinema on the silver screen. So far, she has produced about fifteen short films and four feature films. Ménaïc Raoul has also worked on more than 200 advertising projects around the world, as well as as several feature films and two television series in the capacity of line producer. Logical and cartesian yet instinctive by nature, Ménaïc Raoul knows how to support the artists with whom she works with affability and creativity.

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Tom Larivière

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Tom’s task is to create engaging work environment while overseeing creative development of scripted and unscripted projects. His work blurs the lines between management, creativity and production.

[cont.] He uses his 20 years in film production, sales & construction interchangeably to best support each project and find creative solutions. He has carefully curated and produced for the best brands, agencies and production partners around the globe since 2010. He concentrates his energy on positivity and living in the present.

Joelle Raymond

24 Mont-Royal Av., Office 504
Montreal, Qc, H2T 2S2, Canada

718 Main St., Office 406
Vancouver, BC, V6A 0B1, Canada

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