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TCL | 950

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Greenlake, The Cloud that Comes to You


Eva Airlines & Cathay United Bank | Joint Card

Yellow Bird Productions in Co-Production with C More and Saga Film | Thin Ice

Sjova | The Cat

Gail Katz Productions, MICA Entertainment | Pawn Sacrifice

Warner Brothers, Paramount, Legendary, Syncopy | Interstellar

Íslandspóstur | We Deliver

Siminn | Lightnet

Paramount, Skydance, Bad Robot | Star Trek, The Future Begins

Warner Brothers | Batman Begins

MGM, EON | Die Another Day

Olgerdin | Floridana

Mutual Film, Paramount, Lawrence Gordon | Tomb Raider

Q Meieriene | Q Skyr

Samsung | Extreme Kayak

Xiao Mi | MIX

Elle Man China

We’re here to make your shoot a success in Iceland

We are the leader in professional production of TV, commercials, and film in Iceland. Along with the more traditional fields of production, we are also the strongest player of event production in the market.

Projects organized by our 45 staff members employ over 1100 of Iceland’s most experienced filmmakers on an annual basis. More than three decades' experience working with valued staff to develop very effective and cost-conscious procedures ensure we remain a key player in Iceland.

Current Time and Date in Reykjavik: Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 4:45 am

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Our headquarters in Reykjavík is a perfect base for professionals from all over the world to fill their special needs in terms of service, equipment, and locations. We provide full production for our clients.

Our production service credits include Hollywood blockbusters such as Interstellar, Star Trek Into Darkness, Batman Begins, James Bond’s A View to a Kill and Die Another Day, Tomb Raider, Alexander Sokurov’s Faust, and the documentary Race to the South Pole.

High-quality service has built our solid reputation beyond Iceland and even increased global interest in shooting here. This again has resulted in expanding service of international production houses in the three key fields of production - commercials, TV programs, and production/location services for the global market.

The unique combination of talent, quality, services professionalism, and scenery makes us the ideal the partner for major commercial producers and directors. Today about 50% of our turnover comes from international projects.

One motivator is the 20% rebate offered by the Icelandic government on all production costs incurred for feature film, TV productions, and documentaries. This is probably the easiest 20% financing you’ll ever receive. In addition to the 20% tax rebate, we maintain regular contact with investors intrested in financing feature films and TV programs. Projects are evaluated individually based on the investor´s interest. We are often positioned to find an additonal 10-15% funding for projects we participate in.

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