Mauro Groisman

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Mauro heads the PSN Argentina team. He has executive produced projects ranging from commercials, photoshoots and music videos to feature films and TV series for renowned creative talent like …

[cont.] Peter Berg, Alma Har’el, Jake Scott, Martin de Thurah, Bruno Aveillan, Reynald Gresset and Malik Hassan Sayeed, among others, in Argentina and also in other South and Central American countries like Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador.

Mauro started his career late 90’s working for Argentina’s best feature film companies. With the boom of production services in Argentina, he worked as a line producer for the top companies in Buenos Aires as well as international production houses like Smuggler, RSA, Radical Media, Stink, Independent and more.

Darwin 1154 – Cuerpo A – 1st Floor“E”
Zip Code C1414CUX
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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