Julia Bidakowska-Andren

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As EP and co-owner of the PSN Poland Partner company, Julia has had a busy career. From PA work back in 1999 she soon jumped into a producer role for big projects shot in Poland with international clients…

[cont.] as well as productions for the local market shot across Europe and as far as New Zealand, Cuba, South Africa, and Malaysia.

Julia began managing all Procter & Gamble projects as well as international production service work in 2005. Those projects have included work with celebrities on set.

Julia is a happy mother who loves new challenges at work. She handles stressful situations as easily as she speaks 4 languages fluently – Polish, English, French, and Swedish, the language she learned as a child growing up in Sweden.

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Gosia Zatorska Trojanowska

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Dominikanska 13
02-738 Warsaw, Poland
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