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Romania is a fabled land of Europe blessed with a wide variety of filming locations that doesn´t blow the budget.  At the helm of PSN Romania is Giuliano Doman, a producer accustomed to meeting high expectations at low costs.

Q: Why Romania?  What draws producers to shoot in your country?

A: International filmmakers are fascinated by our stunning locations at remarkably accessible prices.

Film permitting is smooth, and the costs are less as compared with other European countries.  Our professional crews are equally accessible.  And visas are easily obtainable when needed. Americans and Europeans don’t even require them.

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The can-do attitude to be found in New Zealand is legendary.  And thanks to an enviable list of feature films shot there, including Avatar, the Hobbit series, King Kong, and more, producers are increasingly aware of the advantages that our PSN New Zealand Partner, Iris Weber, can deliver on demand. 

Q:  What is the best season to shoot in New Zealand?

A:  New Zealand is popular with visiting productions seeking opposite season looks all year round.  Our southern hemisphere summer runs from December to March, with long daylight hours and impressive light. Fall is from March to May. Winter runs from June to September with snow on the mountains. The rest of the country rarely sees snow, so locations at lower elevations can be shot year round. Spring is from September to November.

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If the proof is in the pudding, PSN Partner work featured here in our most recent newsletter demonstrates how useful we are to producers shooting commercial projects overseas.

Producers call on our local and comprehensive production services when their home country doesn’t fit the creative brief.  Whether it be for locations, logistics, weather, diverse cast, specialist crews & equipment, or reduced costs on several of these criteria, PSN serves up a world of options and a top-tier Partner to help ensure success on set.

Check out the work for a little worldly inspiration.  Join our global community soon.


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What is the allure of shooting in Australia? According to PSN Partner Andrew Wareham and his team, it comes down to picturesque landscapes, a diverse talent pool, and the can-do attitude of the local crew.


Q: What makes Australia such a great destination for international productions?
A: The broad range of breathtaking locations is one of the major drawcards to shooting in Australia. Landscapes such as the world’s largest coral reef, pristine beaches, wild untamed mountains, tropical rainforest, and desolate arid plains, just to reference a few, allow the flexibility to capture variety of locations efficiently. Combined with the affordability of the Australian dollar and the professionalism of the local crew, this formula generates a lot of repeat business.


Q: When is the best time to shoot in Australia?
A: Australia has an average of 286 sunny days a year and 8-10 hours of sunlight a day, making us suitable to shoot year round.

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It’s true. I have never played Pokémon. But I have used a sewing machine! 

To begin to understand how the first is related to the second, you’ll want to take a look at this latest newsletter of PSN Partner work on location in diversely different corners of the Americas and Europe. 

PSN Partners have provided local shoot support for brands including Toyota, Sony, Movistar, and, of course, Pokémon for regional and global campaigns.

Happy viewing and even happier holidays!

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At the meeting of East and West in Turkey there is an exotic familiarity that inspires creatives. With experience bridging from Paris to Istanbul, PSN Turkey Partner Chad Ozturk offers an insightful perspective on shooting in his homeland.

Q:  Why do you think foreign producers choose to shoot a project in Turkey?

A:  Our vast homeland showcases unique as well as diverse locations.  Turkey’s position as a bridge between East and West is reflected in locations ranging from Middle-Eastern to European ambiences.  There are very nice beaches in the west and south to contrast dense green forests in the mountainous north east which look like the Alps.   Greek & Roman ruins dot the country, vestiges of an imperial past reflected in the diverse range of local casting options.  All this for a very cost-effective price with efficient, top-notch crews. 

Q:  What stand-out places do you think could serve as interesting storytelling ingredients? 

A:  Istanbul is a singularly outstanding city. Being the only city in the world sitting on two continents makes it very special.  There’s a vibrant energy, a certain magic that unfolds in the streets that draw millions of visitors each year.   The thermal pools of Pamukkale, rich with minerals that have spilled over to form “cotton castles” on the mountainside, bear a descriptive name in Turkish.  The underground cities, churches, and tunnels of Capadoccia are otherworldly.  Vestiges of the legendary Silk Route stand in colorful testament to this land’s heritage at the crossroads of cultures.  Snow skiing and Mediterranean bathing are only an hour’s drive distance in the south.

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Uruguay does not come to mind as the first choice for the location to shoot a “Bask in the Sun” campaign during August. But the southern hemisphere destination is increasingly being sought out for pleasant weather year-round.  A key reason is its diversity of locations situated in close proximity to minimize crew time lost in company moves.

The Days Inn campaign featured in this most recent newsletter of PSN Partner work demonstrates a range of locations from a mid-western farm to the African savannah. 

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Successfully enabling the work of creatives is a fundamental way to measure a production. By extension, it is the role of production service companies to ensure a shoot overseas is just as smooth as it would be shooting at home.

The production of VR films overseas adds new dimensions on screen and behind the scenes.  Facilitating all that is unseen in 360º presents new challenges PSN Partners are meeting with ingenuity and a bit of their own creative input.

Check out the insights reported from locations around the world in this article recently published by Little Black Book (LBB).

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The PSN Baltics partner has joined forces with 3 other Estonian production houses and the Estonian Film Industry Cluster to build the biggest studio complex in the Baltic Sea area.

The production hub called Tallinn Film Wonderland is set to open at the end of 2018 in Tallinn’s Kopli district. The aim of the joint venture is to offer a unique blend of opportunities to develop the local film industry as well as to improve export potential and cooperation between companies close to the industry. 

Foreign production companies already familiar with our beautiful nature, historically multi-faceted architecture, and experienced and hardworking teams will find the new indoor facilities position Estonia to attract a broader range of projects.

Coupled with the 30% of cash rebate for foreign productions, we are looking to make Estonia the next hotspot for film production in the Baltic region.  KFTV recently caught up with our partner Ivo Felt for some more insights. 


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Norway inspires.  From the end-of-the-earth feeling looking out over its numerous fjords to the spellbinding allure of the Northern Lights.  Eirik Vaage leads the PSN Norway team servicing film and photo shoots seeking unspoilt nature.  We caught up with him after a busy summer season as the nights get longer and the Northern Lights beckon creatives.

Q: Can you tell us a few top reasons why projects shoot in Norway?

A: Norway is novel.  As most of our shoot locations are new to filmmakers, we’re making an impression that is really putting us on the map.  One great example is Ex Machina, by Alex Garland, shot on location in Valldal, Norway. 

A standout is our unique fjord landscape that offers a potent mix of mountains, fjords, the sea, and beaches in very close proximity. At the Lofoten Islands, for example, you can reach all the potential locations within a 90-minute drive.  There you’ll find nothing less than stunning nature, remote and exclusive villages, spectacular islands, coastline, mountains, fjords, waterfalls. The Hollywood production Downsizing has just finished its location shoot in the Lofoten Islands, taking full advantage of the wide range of locations in close proximity to their basecamp in Svolvær.  

Q:  What is the best season to shoot in Norway and why? 

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