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The makers of Indonesia’s leading tobacco brand, Sampoerna, touched down in Madrid this summer for a smoke-free commercial production that would leave Jules Verne’s head spinning.  More than 50 years after makers of the classic film adaptation to Around the World in 80 Days featured a village outside Spain’s capital city, producers from The Sweet Shop and Lynx Films called on our Production Service Network (PSN) in Spain to achieve a sort of flipside – shoot scenes from around the world in 80 hours.

Click here to see film.

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We have a European solution to the challenge of producing cost-effective shoots in some of the most expensive countries on the Old Continent.  Our Production Service Network (PSN) has successfully serviced shoots in Austria with crew and equipment from neighboring countries.

Shooting a series of promos for cinematic release during the production of medieval reality adventure The Quest prompted Disney-owned ABC Television to find local production services that could meet its ambitious brief to shoot on Arri Alexa with a TV budget.

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Nikon’s “I am” campaign touched down in Europe to shoot this print campaign for the new D610 full frame camera.  Click here for credits and more.

The main message is that the full frame camera is “seeing the full story”. The visual concept is set in a train station, where a girl says goodbye to her boyfriend, and, at the same time, another couple is greeting each other.  One story beginning anew as another comes to an end. Nikon looked around the globe for a suitable train station glowing with old world feel but managed by efficient authorities enabling the work to be done on short notice.

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What a whirlwind start to the year!  In the 5 months since our Production Service Network launched at Asia-Pacific’s premier commercial film festival ADFEST, we’ve also touched down in Dubai Lynx to mingle with the MENA crowd and debuted at Cannes Lions where we co-hosted a soiree on the Hotel Majestic pier with The Location Guide.

The word is out.   From east to west, we’ve witnessed how our one-stop approach to local production services across many countries – guided by principles of transparency and community – is a welcome innovation to the commercial production industry.   It’s common sense, really, and we’re happy to find so many fellow professionals genuinely interested.  The proof is in the pudding now that we’re already working on commercial shoots with clients big and small from half a world away.  From World Cup 2014 football play to holiday-making in Old World charm, I think we’ve struck a chord in Europe.

To get in tune with colleagues from around the world there was no better stage than Cannes Lions to conduct our (un)scientific survey about favorite shoot locations and why.    The revelation – viewed by +1000 folks on the PSN Facebook page during the first couple days posted – was that PSN partners already work locally in a full third of your top choices.  And we’ve only just begun.  We’re taking our cue from fellow filmmakers like you to build PSN up where you want to work most!

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Read later! First click here for a look at the diversity of Budapest with its charm and marvelous architecture.  And a good example of how easy it can be to get the needed access to first class locations in Budapest.

The main concept was that kids’ drawings are flying all over the world. So Budapest actually represented many corners of the world while also showing that the kids’ imaginations are endless.

To meet the brief we had to scout and secure the most spectacular locations of the city. The 120-year old Heroes Square, which earlier inspired the Michael Jackson video clip called History. The Parliament building on the bank of the river Danube which stands as one of the biggest parliament buildings in Europe with its Neo-Gothic style.  We also took stage at the National Opera House.

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It's not always a straightforward commercial production service job PSN is asked to get involved in.  After a week of Cannes Lions commercial overload, when more than a few are feeling rather dreadful, why not click here to see how scary (in a fun way) that can be

Most recently we were delighted to work on the publicity shoot for Penny Dreadful, a new TV series created by John Logan, produced by Showtime USA, and being shot in Ireland.

Starring Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, and Josh Hartnett, this is proving to be a huge hit in the USA, and all indications point to similar success when it is released on screens worldwide.

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“Look forward to working together next year!”  Those parting words from Generator UK Executive Producer Matt Brown bring smiles to our crew in France. 

A creative eye for location solutions went a long way to earning such praise during our shoot for Microsoft Xbox with agency Crispin Porter + Boguski. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was chosen to play “The One” in this TVC requiring a no less singular setting where the international football star, and video game fan, enjoys a laugh at his own persona.  Click here to see film.

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We understand the stress that filming overseas can bring to our clients. Our aim is to make them feel we’re their ‘London Office’, working the production exactly as they would do at home. Wherever you come from and wherever you’re filming, the challenges are the same - you have to get results on brief, on time, and on budget.

Our first job for Japan dates back to 1997.  Legendary Japanese producer Takao Saiki called on us to work with his company Size, then with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, and Tokyo. Although Saiki had worked in Europe many times, he sought a European production service company to develop a long-term relationship.  Saiki took me under his wing and taught me how to work with Japanese clients.

In the past 17 years we have worked with Japanese clients many, many times - each job totally different and yet each job demanding the same level of professionalism, understanding, and support.  And we bring that expertise to the Production Service Network (PSN).

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But the mold is broken when horse trades stable for castle in this latest spot featuring the Citroen DS 5LS.  Click here for a look.

PPI China looked to France because it wanted to shoot in the Palace of Versailles.   But the two-day permit they wanted is tough to come by.  And the doors were too narrow to get the Citroen sedan inside.

A next natural step was to consider Vaux le Vicomte, also known as le petit Versailles, but a film-friendly owner still couldn’t overcome the size of the doors. 

The same look and spirit was found in the Chapelle of the Beaux Arts in Paris.  With the setting decided on, we now turned our attention to horsepower. 

Mario Luraschi and his team are amongst the top horse-training specialists in Europe.  Our horse Baruto captivated all the crew as he strode through aristocratic settings for visions out of a dreamscape. 

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Michael Moffett spoke with the Location Guide recently about the official launch of the Production Service Network at ADFEST 2014 in Thailand.  He emphasised the wide spread of locations that PSN can offer across Europe and the ability of the network to be able to offer solutions for all types of budget.

Furthermore the huge depth of knowledge that the partners, now in 12 different countries, can bring to the table, means cost effective production is ensured. 

Take a look at the in depth interview Camino Media launches Production Service Network for Europe commercial filming

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