Audi | The Gray Man DC

Audi | The Gray Man DC, Netflix

Audi | The Gray Man DC, Netflix

Production Service in Estonia

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Brand: Audi
Campaign: The Gray Man DC, Netflix
Market: Worldwide
Production Company: Parasol Island
Director: Marc Bethke
DoP: Fabian Wagner
Exec. Creative Producer: Dana Møgeltønder
Senior Producer: Christoph Wallmeyer
Featuring: Hannah Wilder, Wayne Gordon
Production Service: Magic
Service EP: Aurimas Pukevičius
Service HOP: Ramojus Petrauskas
Line Producer: Kadi Freja Felt
Location: Tallinn, Estonia

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Eneco | We Do It Now

Eneco | We Do It Now

Eneco | We Do It Now

Production Service in The Netherlands

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Brand: Eneco
Campaign: ‘We Do It Now’
Market: Netherlands and Belgium
Agency: Publicis Groupe
Production Company: Producteur Provocateur
Executive Producer: Eric Daem
Director: Gregory Ohrel
DoP: Tommaso Terigi
Service Producer: Maarten van Hemmen
Line Producer: Jacqueline Castricum
Production Service: Dr. Barefoot
Location: Amsterdam, Zeeland, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Maarten van Hemmen

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Maarten van Hemmen worked his way up from Runner to Executive Producer for TVC’s and feature films. From his start in 1993, he spent the next 5 years managing and producing hundreds of commercial films. Being fascinated …

[cont.] by shooting logistics he also worked as a 1st AD on many commercials, feature films and TV dramas from 1998-2008. Maarten was one of the founding fathers and President of the Dutch Association for Assistant Directors.

From 2008-2014 Maarten was co-owner of the Electric Zoo, an award-winning production company of commercials based in South Africa.

Maarten later returned to his home country of the Netherlands to launch his own production company servicing national and international clients. He soon joined PSN to share his passion for film and the creative process – a driving force in all PSN projects shot in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Willemijn Wesselink

[cont.] xx

Nicole de Werk

[cont.] xx

Duvenvoordestraat 98
2013AH Haarlem
The Netherlands
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Magnum | Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Magnum | Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Magnum | Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Production Service in South Korea

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Client: Magnum
Campaign: Can’t get you out of my head
Director: Tim Brown
Co-Director: Maxime Bruneel
Executive Producer: Kerry Smart
Producer: Kirsty Lane
Market: Worldwide
Agency: Lola MullenLowe
Production Company: 1st Avenue Machine, London
Production Service: The Headliners
Service EP: Kimi Kim
Featuring: Peggy Gou, Kylie Minogue
Location: Seoul, Korea

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Kimi Kim

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Kimi brings nearly two decades production experience in Seoul and across Southeast Asia to her management of PSN South Korea. A strong financial acumen and understanding of the business …

[cont.] dynamics in the creative industry has made her a go-to producer for renowned filmmakers of the region. Agency and brand producers from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh and Jakarta to Bangkok tap into her gift at working with South Korea’s coveted celebrities. In 2016, Kimi channeled her track record in producing content for a wide range of industry sectors with world class production teams and creatives into the founding of her Seoul-based production and service company. 

#1001, 46 Dok Seo Dang-Ro,
Yong San-Gu, Seoul,
04410, South Korea
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South KoreaIndonesia

Nestlé | Extreme Ice Cream

Nestlé | Extreme Ice Cream

Nestlé | Extreme Ice Cream

Production Service in Poland

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Client: Nestlé
Campaign: Extreme Ice Cream
Director: Similar But Different
DOP: Pat Aldinger / Julian Jonas
Local Wardrobe: Paula Sieniarska, Kalina Lach
Production Designer: Zuzia Mazurczak Beśka
Production Company: SMUGGLER, division7
Agency: Droga5 London
Production Service: Tango
Location: Warsaw, Poland

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Julia Bidakowska-Andren

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As EP and co-owner of the PSN Poland Partner company, Julia has had a busy career. From PA work back in 1999 she soon jumped into a producer role for big projects shot in Poland with international clients…

[cont.] as well as productions for the local market shot across Europe and as far as New Zealand, Cuba, South Africa, and Malaysia.

Julia began managing all Procter & Gamble projects as well as international production service work in 2005. Those projects have included work with celebrities on set.

Julia is a happy mother who loves new challenges at work. She handles stressful situations as easily as she speaks 4 languages fluently – Polish, English, French, and Swedish, the language she learned as a child growing up in Sweden.

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Gosia Zatorska Trojanowska

[cont.] xx

Dominikanska 13
02-738 Warsaw, Poland
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Flunch | Hopopop

Flunch | Hopopop

Flunch | Hopopop

Production Service in Turkey

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Client: Flunch
Campaign: Hopopop
Director : Emilie Badenhorst
DoP: Olivier Gossot
Market: France
Production Company: Cream Paris
Producer: Clotilde Lecuillier & Michel Teicher
Production Service: Panda Films
Service Producer: Chad Ozturk & Suat Sağlam & Zeki Kahveci
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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Chad Ozturk - IMDB

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Chad started his career in Paris as a runner on music videos and TVCs for companies such as Soixan7e Quin5e, Irene, El Nino, Iconoclast, and Players Paris, working with directors like Romain Gavras, Megaforce, Jeremie Rozan, François Rousselet, So Me and NAN.

[cont.] He worked his way up to producer before moving back home to Turkey, where he line produces foreign productions shooting in his homeland.

Since his return, Chad has service produced projects for brands like Apple, Netflix, Piaget Jewelry, Eurosport, Fiat, TUI, and China’s TCL. He has also ensured a smooth local production in Turkey for Norway’s hit TV series Mammon and TV8 Malaysia’s TV show Hip-Hopin’ Asia.

Chad is the founding partner and EP of the PSN Turkey shop while also producing commercial films for the domestic market.

FAQs on Turkey

Suat Saglam - IMDB

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Suat line produced the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize winner of Sundance 2018 – a Turkish feature entitled Kelebekler – “Butterflies”.
He started his journey in the industry as a runner on feature films and TVCs.

[cont.] He quickly became a freelance production manager taking on big-scale feature film projects shot in Turkey like Luc Besson’s Taken 2 and Istanbul scenes from Ron Howard’s Inferno. Suat also line produced Zoya Akhtar’s big Bollywood feature film Dil Dhadakne Do in Turkey.

Suat joined PSN Turkey as a partner/EP and continues to service scripted and commercial clients from all around the world.

Hayriye Cad. No:16/1
34425 Galatasaray
Beyoğlu / Istanbul
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Citibank | Stare, Winter Paralympians

Citibank | Stare, Winter Paralympians

Citibank | Stare, Winter Paralympians

Production Service in Italy

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Client: Citibank
Campaign: Stare, Winter Paralympians 2022
Distribution: Worldwide
Director: Michael Clarke
DOP: William DeSena
Production Company: Harbor Picture Company
Producers: Kelly Broad, Tyler Ben-Amotz
Production Service: 20 Red Lights
Service Producers: Luca De Angelis, Arianna Dolini
Featuring: Rico Roman (ice hockey), Tyler McGregor (ice hockey), Jen Lee (ice hockey), Christy Gardner (ice hockey), Arly Velásquez (Alpine skiing), Igor Sikorski (Alpine skiing), Menna Fitzpatrick (Alpine skiing), Brittani Coury (snowboard), Cindy Ouellet (Alpine skiing).
Locations: Milan, Italy; and Zermatt, Switzerland

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Luca de Angelis

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Luca is a showman at heart. He got his start as a producer and promoter of concerts and shows more than 20 years ago. He turned to film production in the late 90’s and soon worked up through the production ranks …

[cont.] to PM and later line producer of projects shot worldwide by Italian production companies.

That experience has served him well since 2006 when he set up his own shop in Italy to work on international projects shooting at home.  Luca is always at the ready to work with clients toward a balance of the creative brief and cost-effective solutions.  His constructive approach toward the technical as well as cultural aspects of shooting overseas has earned him widespread client praise.

FAQs on Italy

Arianna Dolini

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Arianna was studying foreign languages professionally when she bumped into the marvelous world of cinema. She graduated in English and German and then went on studying film production in Milan.

[cont.] She’s young but tough, and she has worked with Luca first as freelance and then as his junior producer.
A few years under her belt have given Arianna field experience working on international projects in a broad range of formats including commercials, photo & video marketing shoots, fashion, documentaries, feature films, tv series, talk shows, reality shows, and music videos.

Via Procaccini 63
20154 Milan, Italy
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ItalyMaltaSan Marino

Zara | SS 22

Zara | SS '22

Zara | SS '22

Production Service in Jordan

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Client: Zara Man
Campaign: SS ’22
Creative Direction: Fabien Baron
Director: Fabien Baron
DoP: Phillipe Le Sourd
Agency: Baron & Baron
Production: North Six
EP: Marie Hu
Producer  Sarah La frontiere
Set Designer: Jean Michel Bertin
Featuring: Kodi Smit-McPhee
Production Service: Fluid Productions
Service LP: Johnny Dabeet
Location: Wadi Rum, Jordan

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Johnny Dabeet

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At the helm of his own production and service company over the past 15 years, Johnny is a seasoned producer credited with countless projects in Jordan and the Middle East. His company’s trajectory parallels that of his native Jordan, …

[cont.] where the past challenges of commercial, TV series, and feature productions have resulted in a solid film hub now attracting projects from as far as America and East Asia.

The formative years Johnny spent living in Dubai, Lebanon, and Paris shaped his early understanding of different cultures. His friendly attitude, dedication, and passion for the craft are evident to clients who give him high marks for organisation, transparency, and contagious, positive energy.

14 Baounieh Street Webdeh
Amman, Jordan
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COS UK | Summer Ease

COS UK | Summer Ease

COS | Summer Ease

Production Service in Israel

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Client: COS UK
Campaign: Summer Ease
Distribution: Worldwide
Fashion Editor: Meda Ntumba
Director-DoP: Alexander Ingham Brook
Photographer: Dan Martensen
Art Direction: Andy Knappett, Phoebe Sing
Producers: Charlotte Correa, Tom Greenwood
Production Service: Meirav Vizer
Locations: Ramat Gan Diamond District and seaside in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Meirav Vizer

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Meirav has spent the past 25 years providing production service in Israel to clients from the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, China, and Japan.

[cont.] From her beginnings as a production coordinator back in 1995, Meirav would start her own service company and come to represent directors and DoPs to grow her business through the production of TV commercials, music videos, TV drama, still photography, and documentary projects.

20 Havazelet Hahof St.
Netanya, Israel
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Pepsi Mirinda | Make the World Go Ahhh

Pepsi Mirinda | Pass It On, Director's Cut

Pepsi Mirinda | Pass It On, Director's Cut

Production Service in Vietnam

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Covid restrictions kept celebrity DJ talent, Soobin Hoang Son at home in Vietnam. To deliver this TVC for a Pepsi Mirinda campaign across APAC, Partizan UK looked to us to deliver a purpose-built, recording studio for the celebrity to mix it up. Radical Friend director, Kirby McClure, connected remotely to direct from Thailand, where Partizan captured outdoors scenes that match seamlessly.

Brand: Pepsi Mirinda
Campaign:  Pass It On, Director’s Cut
Territory: APAC
Production Company: Partizan (UK)
Director: Radical Friend (Kirby McClure)
DOP: Tóth Widamon Máté
Production Designer: Magdalene Bitter-Suermann
Producer: Jason Oakley
Service EP: Chi-Minh DE LEO
Line producer: Kant Nguyen
Production Manager: Noan Do
1st AD: Chop
Production Service: Clubhouse Films
Featuring: DJ Soobin Hoang Son
Location: Ho Chi-Minh City studio build for all scenes featuring the DJ, Vietnam

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Chi Minh de Leo

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Chi Minh De Leo is one of the founders of the production shop that is PSN Vietnam. After 10 years spent on set as an agency creative in Vietnam’s top agencies, Chi Minh bit the bullet …

[cont.] and set up his own company with long term producer friend Phan Viet Quoc Huy. Since then, Chi Minh has worked on countless projects, including TVCs, animations, and documentaries for both the local and the international markets. Being trilingual and having lived in 4 countries, Chi Minh is a real connector. Between productions, he enjoys working on the development of a first feature and spending time discovering the city’s ever expanding food scene.

FAQs on Vietnam

Phan Quoc Viet Huy

[cont.] xx

72/17 Tran Quoc Toan
District 3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Warner Bros. Entertainment for ABC | The Bachelor

Warner Bros. Entertainment for ABC | The Bachelor

Warner Bros. Entertainment for ABC | The Bachelor

Production Service in Austria

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Hearts are broken in Vienna when Clayton and the women travel to Austria.

Studio: Warner Bros. Entertainment for ABC
Title: The Bachelor
Production Company: NZK Productions
Market: USA
Executive Producer: Nicole Woods
Production Supervisor: Jessica Keck
Production Service: Progressive Productions
Service Producers: Ivan Gero, Zoltan Haulis
Location: Scenes in Vienna, Austria

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Ivan Gero

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Ivan started his career as a TV producer working on a current affairs show for a leading local TV production company. He began at the bottom and wound up as one of the lead producers of the show.

[cont.] Soon after, he and a partner from the show launched their own production company in Hungary. That venture, initially specialized in documentary production, became the foundation for an expansion into Austria, where he now forms the most cost-effective production plan, with resources from both countries, to service commercial film, TV, corporate, and still photo shoots.

Read Ivan's Blog

1010 Wien
Wollzeile 1-3/3/3.2, Austria
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Warner Bros. Television Studios | The Flight Attendant, Season 2

Warner Bros. | The Flight Attendant

Warner Bros. Television Studios The Flight Attendant, Season 2

Production Service in Germany

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Studio: Warner Bros. Television Studios
Title: The Flight Attendant, Episodes: 201, 202
Director: Silver Tree
Showrunner: Steve Yockey, Natalie Chaidez
Executive Producer: Greg Berlanti, Kaley Cuoco, Suzanne McCormack, Sarah Schechter, Silver Tree
Co. Exec. Producer: Jess Meyer
Producer: Bonnie Muñoz
Cinematographer:  Cort Fey, Dan Ayers
Production Designer: Nina Ruscio
Costume Designer: Mari-an Ceo
Featuring: Kaley Cuoco, Erik Passoja, Kayvon Esmaili
Service Exec. Producer: Christine Günther, Helmut Hartl
Line Producer: Frank Pirsich
Production Service: Embassy of Dreams / FireGlory
Locations: Berlin, Germany. Also filmed in Iceland with PSN Iceland

More from Germany

Helmut Hartl

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Helmut Hartl, a graduate psychologist, former musician, former music and theatre therapist, and former TV director who founded a commercial film production in 1996 and a feature film production in 2003 with the best partners in the world.

[cont.] Helmut channels all this into his leadership of PSN Germany. As a member of ADC Germany and ADC /E, and founding member of the German Advertising Film Academy, he enjoys every day making films with his wonderful, beloved team.

Goethestrasse 25a
80336 Munich, Germany

Choriner Strasse 6

10119 Berlin, Germany

80825 Cologne, Germany

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Disney+ | Ms. Marvel

Disney+ | Ms. Marvel

Disney+ | Ms. Marvel

Production Service in Thailand

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Studio: Marvel Studios
Streamer Distribution: Disney+
Title: Ms. Marvel
Director: Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah
DoP: Carmen Cabana, Robrecht Heyvaert
Production Company: Marvel Studios
Executive Producer: Bisha K. Ali, Kevin Feige
Line Producer: Chris Lowenstein
Production Service: Living Films
Location: Scenes in Bangkok, Thailand (Ep. 2)

More from Thailand

Fred Turchetti

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Fred was an early architect in making Thailand the undisputed destination for the world’s A-List production companies. Since 1986 he has stayed the course to ensure that each and every production is …

[cont.] the best experience for foreign directors, DoPs, producers and all who accompany them on set.

As head of commercial film production and a partner in Thailand’s leading service company, Fred wields incomparable local knowledge at producing shoots across all genres.

Born to Italians in South Africa and educated in England, Fred is equally adept at working with industry colleagues from all backgrounds to achieve results beyond expectations.

191/150 Koolpunt Villa 5,
Chiangmai-Hang Dong Road
T. Mae Heia, A. Muang
Chiang Mai City
50100 Thailand
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